Diseases of infancy and childhood (1914) (14772068475)


Diseases of infancy and childhood (1914) (14772068475)



Identifier: diseasesofinfan00fisc (find matches)
Title: Diseases of infancy and childhood
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Authors: Fischer, Louis, 1864- (from old catalog)
Subjects: Children
Publisher: Philadelphia, F. A. Davis company (etc., etc.)
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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do not know of any such disease in their native country. The parentsare not related. Feeding.—The child was breast-fed for about two years. She did not receiveany other food during this period. When the child was thirteen months old thei^iothers menstruation returned. The mother continued to nurse the child until theend of the second year, although she continued to menstruate every month. Nothing imusual was noticed about this child until the end of her first year.She cried very little and slept a great deal. At about 1 year of age parents noticedthat she differed from other children of the same age. No teeth appeared. She CRETINISM. 727 made no attempt to walk or stand. Never laughed or smiled, was always apatheticand took no interest in her surroundings. There was no appreciable growth inheight from 1 to 7 years. The same dresses always fitted her. In her fifth yearshe was for a period of six months very cross and restless, but this disappeared as itcame, without any known cause.
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Fig. 244.—Cretinism. Same case. .\ge 9 years.Height 37% inches, gain 4\^ inches. Front view. Fig. 245.—Cretinism. Same case. Ago 0 yo;Height 87% inches, gain 4^^ inches. Back view. She cut her incisor teeth at ,i i/ca)\<t of ape and the rest at 4 year^. She hasnever had convulsions or any other sickness except measles Avhon 4 y«\ir-^ of a<ro.She began to stand on her feet with assistance when ^ years old. She did not speaka word until 5 years old, from which time till 1 took charge of hor she could sayno more than papa and mannna. When she came under my observation, she was 20 V3 inches high. She weighevl 728 DISEASES OF THE DUCTLESS GLANDS. 25 ^/a pounds and was quite stout in proportion to her height. Her head was largein proportion to her body. The lips were thick. The nose flat and depressed betweenthe eyes. The neck was very short. No sign of enlarged thyroid, large blue eyes,teeth in fair condition, complexion dark, hair dry and of a rusty black color.





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