Diseases of infancy and childhood (1914) (14772080325)


Diseases of infancy and childhood (1914) (14772080325)



Identifier: diseasesofinfan00fisc (find matches)
Title: Diseases of infancy and childhood
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Authors: Fischer, Louis, 1864- (from old catalog)
Subjects: Children
Publisher: Philadelphia, F. A. Davis company (etc., etc.)
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difficult to determine. In some instances syphilis has been given asthe causative factor. An interesting paper has • appeared by DAstros/who describes 12 cases in which hydrocephalus was associated with syphi-litic lesions, so that the condition w^as congenital. By some, chronic hy-drocephalus is believed to be due to tuberculosis. Pathology.—The changes in the brain result from the gradual accu-mulation of fluid in the ventricles. The septum lucidum is usually brokendown, and all the avenues of communication between the ventricular cav-ities are greatly enlarged. The continuous distention results in a gradualthinning of the brain substance which forms the ventricular walls; oftenthese are found only one-fourth of an inch in thickness, or even less thanthis, the cortex being a mere shell. ^ Revue Mensuelk des Maladies de 1 Enfance, Chapter IX, pp. 481 and 543. CJIRONKJ INTKRNAf. JIYDIKKKPIIAU S. 775
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Fig. 262.—Case of Chronic Internal Hydrocephalus. Note the positionof the eyes and the globular shape of the head. Aspiration of the ventriclesevery week gave 50 to 60 cubic centimeters of a perfectly clear fluid.(Original.)





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