Elena Pavlovna by C.Robertson (1841, Hillwood museum)


Elena Pavlovna by C.Robertson (1841, Hillwood museum)



Русский: Великая княгиня Елена Павловна (1807-1873)
Portrait of Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna
Christina Robertson was a British portrait and miniature painter. Born Christina Saunders in Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland, Robertson learned to paint miniatures from her uncle, George Saunders, a miniaturist based in London. Robertson developed a successful portrait career and often traveled abroad in search of new clients. From 1839-1841, Robertson lived and worked in St. Petersburg, Russia. After spending eight years in her London studio, Robertson returned to Russia in 1849 to work as a portraitist for the imperial family. The sitter in this portrait may be a member of the Russian artistocracy, but no positive identification has been made.

Portrait of Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna, almost full length seated on a red sofa. Her golden hair is dressed with braids on either side. Her blue dress is low cut and trimmed with lace. She wears necklaces and bracelets. At left is a table with a red marble top, a vase of flowers, an open book and a golden vase in the 17th century style. Over back of sofa is a reddish cloak lined with ermine. Behind the sofa is an elaborately carved ebony sofa with two Renaissance rock crystal vases. Bronze frame is comtemporary to the painting.






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Hillwood Museum & Gardens, Washington, D.C.

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