Indian Army QF 3.7 inch gun battery Jerusalem 1917


Indian Army QF 3.7 inch gun battery Jerusalem 1917



LOC caption : "TITLE: Capture and occupation of Palestine by British artillery December 1917"
NOTE : The same LOC image LC-DIG-ppmsca-13291-00177 is titled "Firing from Mt. Scopus toward Anathoth, 1920".

Comment : this shows Indian Army gunners (probably 39th Battery) with QF 3.7 inch mountain howitzers.

A very large dataset of various big guns, howitzers, mortars, columbiads, all types of canon-like things - everything besides machine guns and rockets. This collection as well as all massive collections on required two steps: First, we picked a set to train AI vision to recognize cannon artillery, and after that, ran all 25M+ images in our database through our image recognition network. All media in the collection is in the public domain. There is no limitation on the dataset usage - educational, scientific, or commercial.



1920 - 1929


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