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Tiffany Design for marble pulpit, bronze
Rio Ca Pessaro and Rio dei Frari, Venice
Fountain Tower in Old City
Landscape with Tower (from McGuire Scrapbook)
Two Decorative Groups of Putti with Trumpets and Fruit
Madonna and Child
Interior of a Gothic Cathedral, Flanders
Sketch of House and Canal (Possibly in Venice)
Polidoro da Caravaggio - Standing Warrior and Horse
Family Group
Abraham Bloemaert - 13 Sketches of Various Faces
Hendrick Goltzius - Reclining Venus
David Teniers the Younger - Man Resting in Landscape, Flanders
Half-length Draped Figure, Guido Reni
Design for a Ceiling Decoration, unknown Italian
Eugène Delacroix - A Lion and a Tiger, Fighting
Standing Monk
Man with Pole Following Woman with Jug on Head
Studies for the decoration of the Library, Palais Bourbon, Paris:  standing nude athlete; seated man with a lyre; centaur; and seven putti (three with wings)
Alexander the Great Plans World Conquest
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - Raphael - Study for "Raphael and the Fornarina"(?)
Sketch of Two Men Turning Left
George Frost - Landscape with Figures, Thomas Gainsborough

George Frost - Landscape with Figures, Thomas Gainsborough

Possibly by George Frost (British, Barrow 1745–1821 Ipswich)

Seaport with Fishing Boats
Bust of Youth
Design for Title Page for Guitar Manual, unknown Italian
Chickens and Roosters in Yard
Charon Ferrying Mars and Minerva
Drawing of an Urn

Drawing of an Urn

Attributed to Anonymous, French, 18th century

Boats on Ocean, Jan van Goyen
Ruins Overlooking River with Bridge
Cornelis Saftleven - Man with a Keg
Literary Illustration: Medieval Lady with Page (recto); Sketches of Figures (verso)
David Teniers the Younger - Men Playing Boules Outside Tavern, Flanders
Willem van de Velde I - Ship Constructor's Drawing for Dutch Galleon
Foot Soldiers, Adriaen Brouwer, Flanders
St. John the Baptist
Medici Coat of Arms Flanked by Putti, unknown Italian
Man on Horse Talking with Man on Foot
Jan Steen - Two Sketches of Standing Man Leaning on Staff
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - Oedipus and the Sphinx, after Ingres
Shepherdess and Peasant with Flock in Italianate Landscape
Marius at Minturnae
Joshua Cristall - Reclining Reaper, England
Design for Title page: Clio Taking Dictation from Minerva, Flanders
Gerard de Lairesse - Joseph Recognized by His Brothers, Flanders
Town on the Meuse
Jan Baptist Weenix - Roundel with Justice and Prudence
Jonathan Richardson the Elder - Un Cativo
The Church of Saint-Gervais Seen From the Ramparts at Geneva
Head of Woman, Turning Left - style of Angelica Kauffmann
Mythological Birth of a God or Demi-God from a River
Dirk Valkenburg - Growling Dog Ready to Pounce
Dirk Valkenburg - Retriever
Dirk Valkenburg - Dog Urinating on Rock
Dirk Valkenburg - Seated Dog with Collar
Saint Paul Preaching
Man on Crutches Begging, with Woman Singing and Holding Baby
Couple in Antique Dress, Mourning Dead Son
Religious Procession Under Trees
Monument to Handel
Villa in Bristol
Thomas Frye - Female Head
Holy Family with Warrior Saint
Walled Village and Tall Tree, Flanders
Prison Warden
Rape of the Sabines
John Sell Cotman - Sketch of Actor Sitting, England
English Country Church
Perseus Confronting Phineas and his Followers with Head of Medusa
Waterfalls and Woods
Child with Curly Hair
Sketches of Mother and Child, Stooping Man
View Over the Leine near Gottingan Toward Rosdorf Warte
Frontal and Side Views of Statue of Boy Dressed in Toga
Samson Killing a Philistine
Houses on River or Canal
Woman Three-Quarter Length with Crossed Arms
Half-Length Portrait of Man
Landscape with Two Male Figures, England
John Sell Cotman - Sketch of Actor Standing, England
River Landscape with Roman Ruins
Violent Storm in Mountains with Erupting Volcano in Distance, England
Giambattista Tiepolo - Seated Woman Crowned by Angel
Mountain Goats and Dog
Remnant of Old Castle Incorporated in Farm
Frontispiece to Book of Architectural Studies, unknown Italian
Pompeo Girolamo Batoni - Triumph of Love (after antique bas-relief)
Chiesa dei Cappuccini Parma, England
Design for an Unexecuted Funerary Monument for the First Duke of Marlborough
Jacob de Wit - Druids Cutting Mistletoe
Italianate Landscape with Figures Crossing Bridge
Unexecuted Design for the Monument to the First Duke of Marlborough
Unexecuted Design for the Monument to the First Duke of Marlborough
Adam van Noort, Anthony van Dyck, Flanders
Antoon Triest, Anthony van Dyck, Flanders
Constantijn Huygens, Anthony van Dyck, Flanders
Hampton Court View taken from the Garden Seat, England
Jan Mildert, Anthony van Dyck, Flanders
George Stubbs - Josiah Wedgewood, England

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