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Attack on Fort Oswego.
Aqueduct of Valens (in the city)
Massasoit and his warriors
The tempter and the traitor--the treason of Arnold on the night of September 21, 1780.
The Civil War in America : General Stuart (Confederate) with his cavalry scouting in the neighbourhood of Culpepper courthouse
The riots in New York : destruction of the coloured orphan asylum.
Revolt of Wayne's brigade.
The campaign in Virginia--fight at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864--General Smith's corps in action.
Attack on Fort Wagner
Freedmen Voting In New Orleans.
Burning of White House, 1814.
The British fleet in the lower bay.
Famous whiskey insurrection in Pennsylvania.
Read Kizzy's loyality
Bike race, Major Taylor - Marshall "Major" Taylor
Kirk's White Cloud floating soap
North temple pagoda, Soochow.
Village scene--Fiji.
Birdseye view of bridges, Foochow.
Wheel-wrights at work, north China.
Shanghai.  Native method of manufacturing cotton cloth.
River cargo, Chiang Chin, Amoy Interiour.
Sihu, Hangchow.
Sihu, Hangchow.
Canton Bund and harbor looking downstream.
Old chiefs of Fiji (once cannibals).
Preston Street cooking class, Louisville, K.Y.
A merry Christmas.
Girls making mats, Fiji.
Zhenhai Tower, or Five Stories Pogoda.
A Fiji maid.
Beating the death drum for a cannibal feast.
Young Fijian warriors.
Native foods, taro, turtles & yangona roots.
Chinese saw mill.
Lami River, near Suva, Fiji.
Making tappa, Fiji.
Chinese houses near Shameen, Canton (European settlement).
Hankow view.
A Xmas Shopper.
Native city, canal, and Foreign Concession, Canton.
Admiral Jellicoe landing at Suva, Fiji.
Canoe racing, Fiji.
Native houseboat, Suva, Fiji.
Botanical gardens, Suva, Fiji.
Street life of Peking., Qing Dynasty
Not only for December greetings do I send...
Jim along Josey.
Barnum's American Museum, New York.
Interior view of the lecture room of the American Museum, New York.
Dress And The Lady.
Portion Of A Wiring Hall.
New England Bonnet Makers.
The Panther.
Das Muss Der Palast Sein."
Fur hats, collars, and muffs
The God-Mother'S Garden.
Algerian women in traditional dress
Young & Old Blue & Silver Dun Dragoons (London Fancy).
Woman and chair, France, 1883
Death of the Indian Chief Alexander
Michael "King" Kelly
Wool Cycling Dress With Pleated Back ; Tennis Costume Of Cream Flannel With Striped Sleeves & Trim, Black Ties.
Fish Out Of Water; Or, Leaving The Fancy Dress Ball.
The Marquise And Her Coiffeur.
On the Harlem River
High Bridge.
Vêtements Et Accessoires De Chasse.
The season's greetings.
Peking.  Near Tsi-hwa-Mönn.
Opium hulks in Shanghai Harbour.
Harbour of Shanghai.
Native city in Shanghai.
Peking.  Hall of classics.  Confucius-Temple.
Peilo im Confuzius Tempel.  Peking.
You is my best girl.
Moths -- American.
La Mode D'Hiver En 1904.
American Butterflies.
Life on a sampan.
Chinese child with fan, standing next to vase.
Chinese child with vase.
Chinese child holding bouquet.
Peking.  View from Hata-mên.
English Bund, Shanghai.
Headquarters of South Manchuria Railway, Dalian.
Kitaoyama Street, Dairen.
Nogi Street, Dairen.
Chinese Fantan game.
Chinese taking tiffin.
Bird eye view of Dairen.
Shanghai.  English Settlement.
The Tokiwa Bridge, Dairen.
The pagoda "Wu-ta-ssu".
Yoshino St., Dairen.
Yamagata Street, Dairen.
Building in Dairen's Electricity Park (?)
Nantao, Shanghai.

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