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Abyssinian priest and warrior
Dromedaries halting in the Eastern desert
Habesh or Abyssinian slave
Abâbdeh riding dromedaries Egypt
Female of the middle class carrying water from the Nile
Women of middle Egypt
Teyat (oilman), his shop and customers at Cairo
Portrait of the late George Lloyd, Esquire
Arnaout and Osmanli [...]
Warrior from Amhàra
Abyssian costume, etc.
Negedi horse, Arabia
Kâfileh with camel bearing the Hodejh
Fellahs, a man and women
Peasant dwellings, Upper Egypt
Janissary and merchant Egypt
Nubian females, Kanoosee tribe
Abâdeh, nomads of the Eastern Thebaid desert
Young Arab girl returning from the bath
Berberi playing on the kisirka
Egyptian lady in the harem
Bedouins from the vicinity of Suez
Nubian and a fellah
Camels resting in the Shekiyeh
Turkish Woman (Unveiled)
A Turkish Effendi
Armenian Bride
The Oriental Album by H. J. Van-Lennep
Armenian Lady (At Home)
Bandit Chief
Armenian Piper
Gypsy Fortune-Telling
List of illustrations
Druse Girl
Albanian Guard
Turkish Cavass (Police Officer)
Jewish  Merchant
Jewish Marriage
Armenian Marriage Procession
Armenian Ladies (At Home)
Circassian Warrior
The oriental album: twenty illustrations, in oil colors, of the people and scenery of Turkey, with an explanatory and descriptive text. By Rev. Henry J. Van Lennep.
Turkish and Armenian Ladies Abroad
Oriental album. Characters ...  [Title page]
Turkish Scribe
Turkish Lady of Rank (At Home)
Armenian Peasant Woman
Ghawazi, or dancing girls.
Niram or regular troops
Cairine lady waited upon by a Galla slave girl
Fellah dressed in the hàbá
Female fellah
Arab sheikh smoking
Wahabs with an Azam Arab