The Röntgen rays in medical work (1907) (14757223052)


The Röntgen rays in medical work (1907) (14757223052)



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Title: The Röntgen rays in medical work
Year: 1907 (1900s)
Authors: Walsh, David
Subjects: X-rays Radiography X-Rays Radiography
Publisher: New York : William Wood
Contributing Library: Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine
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graph by Mr. Lynn Thomas. In the case of conjugate twins that survive and grow to maturity,such as the Siamese Twins and the Two-headed Nightingale, itis likely that the rays might afford pictures of much anatomicalinterest. In France a special means of examining the pelvis by means of aninstrument called the enclodiascope was some years ago introducedby Bouchacourt. A long metal shielded prolongation of a focustube is passed into vagina or rectum. It is open to question whethersufficiently good results cannot be obtained by less complicatedprocedures. GYNAECOLOGY. As a rule, however, valuable information is sometimes obtainable,by means of the focus tube, as to many pathological conditions ofthe soft tissues of the pelvis, such as ovarian tumours, fibroids,sarcomata, and various malformations. In order to obtain suchrecords the intestines should be empty, and the abdomen com-pressed with a good diaphi-agm. * British Medical Journal, May 30, 1896. 394 THE BONTGEN BA YS IN MEDICAL WORK
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Fig. 169.— Two-headed Fcetus.Lynn Thomas. F. LEGAL MEDICINE In a number of cases R,6ntgen-ray photographs have been producedin the law-courts. They afford evidence of fact, and corroborate ordisprove opinions arrived at by ordinary methods of inference.Their special value is that exact evidence apparent to the senses ofeveryone concerned, be he lay or medical, is rendered available bythe use of unerring scientific apparatus. With the average jurymanan ounce of such fact is likely to outweigh a ton of probabilitiesobtained from roundabout deductions. To put the matter in anotherway, the testimony of a general practitioner armed with a corrobora-tive Rontgen photograph would go far towards upsetting the con-tradictory statements of the most highly skilled surgeon, providedthe opinions of the latter were based upon nothing more tangiblethan the ordinary methods of examination. The position of a jury-man called upon to settle the nature of an injury in the face of con-flicting skilled t





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