The photographic history of the civil war.. (1911) (14782804903)


The photographic history of the civil war.. (1911) (14782804903)



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Title: The photographic history of the civil war..
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Authors: Miller, Francis Trevelyan, 1877-1959 Lanier, Robert S. (Robert Sampson), 1880-
Subjects: United States -- History Civil War, 1861-1865 United States -- History Civil War, 1861-1865 Pictorial works
Publisher: New York, The Review of Reviews Co.
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Hood. It fought at Franklin andNashville, and was discontinued April 1, 1865. Major-General David Sloan Stanley (U.S.M.A. 1852) was born in Cedar Valley, Ohio, June 1, 1828. He distinguished himself by his services,at the beginning of the Civil War, in the South-west, at Dug Springs and Wilsons Creek. Asbrigadier-general of volunteers he had a divisionin the Army of the Mississippi and fought atIsland No. 10, Iuka, and Corinth. In November,1862, he became chief of cavalry in the Army ofthe Cumberland, and soon afterward was mademajor-general of volunteers. In November, 1863,he received a division of the Fourth Corps andbecame its head in July, 1864, when Major-Gen-eral Howard took command of the Army of theTennessee. Major-General Stanley was woundedat Franklin, November 30. 1864, and this endedhis active service in the war. although he againheaded the corps from February to August, 1865.Later on, he was given a colonelcy in the regu-lar army and fought against the Indians in the 196)
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Lorenzo Thomas, of Delaware Adjutant-General of the United States Army. FEDERALGENERALS No. 2 CONNECTICUT DAKOTADELAWARE John 1$. S. Todd, of Dakota Terri-tory, Appointed Brigadier-Generalto Date from September 19, 1861. 3Uftlj Army (Eurjia Northwest. lie was made brigadier-general in1884, and was retired in 1892. He died in Wash-ington, D. C, March 1:5, 1902. Major-General Thomas John Wood (U.S.M.A. 1845) was born in Mumfordville, Ken-tucky, September 25, 1823, and served in theMexican War. As brigadier-general of volun-teers he had a brigade and then a division in theArmy of the Ohio, a division of the Left Wing(Fourteenth Corps), Army of the Cumberland,which was continued in the Twenty-first Corps when the Left Wing was reorganized, and likewisein the Fourth Corps until it was discontinued.He had command of the Twenty-first and Fourthcorps for short periods, succeeding Stanley inthe latter at Franklin and leading it at Nash-ville. He was wounded at Stones River and inthe Atlanta ca





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