The Architect and engineer of California and the Pacific Coast (1909) (14763909335)


The Architect and engineer of California and the Pacific Coast (1909) (14763909335)



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Title: The Architect & engineer of California and the Pacific Coast
Year: 1905 (1900s)
Subjects: Architecture Architecture Architecture Building
Publisher: San Francisco, Calif. : Architect and Engineer Co
Contributing Library: San Francisco Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: San Francisco Public Library

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n, nocreaking, no need of oiling — For sale by —Hardware Dealers Attractive Literature Free THE STANLEY WORKS NEW BRITAIN, CONN. When writing to .Advertisers mention this Magazine. 134 The Architect and Emrineer Bitulithic Pavementis Street Insurance It insures against dust and mud It insures asainst slipperiness It insures asainst traffic noises It insures asainst craclts and disintesration It insures asainst wavy surface It insures asainst absorption of street filtli It insures asainst costly repairs It Insures asainst horses fallins It assures a sanitary street It assures a durable street It assures conscientious workmanship It assures the best materials It assures perfect satisfaction BITULITHIC INSURANCE IS SAFEST AND SUREST Oier literature explains; yours for the asking WARREN CONSTRUCTION CO. TELEPHONES J K*,,^J*§ 317 BECK BUILDING PORTLAND, ORE. LAMSOIN SERVICE For Offices, Warehouses, Factories, Banks and Stores Pneumatic TubesPick Up CarriersCash CarriersParcel Carriers
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Cable Cash CarriersBelt ConveyorsAutomatic ElevatorsLight Lifts To the Architectural and Engineering professions we are glad to furnish fullinformation rejjarding our Carrier Systems for conveying Cash, Orders, Messages,Mail, Telegrams, Merchandise, etc. Lamson Service Reduces Operating Costs, Saves Time and Labor Ask for Bulletin A-E. LAMSON CONSOLIDATED STORE SERVICE COMPANY BOSTON 1403 CALL BUILDINGSAN FRANCISCO 405 Peoples Savings Bank Bid)?.SEATTLE When writing to Advertisers mention this Magazine. Tlic Architect and Engineer 13: mmxt\\ Art O^kHs (Hn. (inc.)designers and makers of FOR PUBLIC BUILDINGS. CHURCHES AND RESIDENCES (^ivLBB iHosaira. Hamp ^l;aiipB an& Ufarli il^tal Maxk 667 MISSION STREET NEAR THIRD PHONE DOUGLAS 3330 SAN FRANCISCO. CAL. ARE YOU GOING TO BUILD?HAVE YOU INVESTIGATED U V IN W O O D ? Its Identical in Effecft and Appearance to Hardwood but is Much Less Expensive,just the Thing for the Bungalow, Serviceable for Theaiers, Halls, Apartment Houses.Churches





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