Shipbuilding and Shipping Record (1916) (14597276700)


Shipbuilding and Shipping Record (1916) (14597276700)



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Title: Shipbuilding and Shipping Record
Year: 1916 (1910s)
Publisher: London
Contributing Library: Gerstein - University of Toronto
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PATENT ELECTRIC LUFFING CRANE .!< SUpi.llr.l to til, UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA. SEAPLANE LAUNCHING APPARATUS Ransomes & Rapier, Ltd. DEPARTMENT V. 32. VICTORIA STREET. WESTMINSTER. S.W. 0( TOI.F.R 7, 1015. ELECTRIC (^ FANS ^^^ of all types for Ship tise. Stiperintendents are invited toinspect our electrically driven PUNKAHS. Catalogue and Qiiotatioin onapplication from— HOGANWARDROP 2, Gresham Bldgs., Basinghall Street, London, £.C.
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Illustration shows Cabin TypCy movable Fan with sole plate. Aberthaw & Bristol Channel DRUID TRADE „„_..,^ MARK BRAND Portland Cement Co., Ld., Manufacturers of the celebrated AberthawHigh Silica Lo^v Alumina Portland Cement. SiO, 25.38 AI2O3 3.73 CaO 65.26 SO, 0.56 PARTICULARLY SUITABLE FOR SEA WORK AND SEWAGE DISPOSAL WORK, OR WHERE ACIDS, OILS AND ALKALIES MAY BE ENCOUNTERED. Prospective clients will be afforded every opportunity for carrying out tests in their or our laboratories. Sole Sales Agents :— T. BEYNON & CO., Ld.,Merthyr House, Cardiff; 6, LIME STREET SQUARE, LONDON, E.C.; AND 11, RUE AMBROISE THOMAS, PARIS. Works: ABERTHAW, glam. SA-i- VOU SAW IT LN TDE S. *. ». R. October 7, 1915. SHIPBUILDING AND SHIPPING RECORD. The DURHAM CHURCHILL SPEAKING TUBE (ADMIRAL ROSES PATENT). Adopted by: Messrs. ELDER, DEMPSTER& Co., Ltd. BRITISH INDIA STEAM NAVIGATION Co. AUSTRALASIAN UNITEDSTEAM NAVIGATION Co. ABERDEEN LINE. ANGLO-AMERICAN OIL Co. AUSTRIAN NAVY. DUTCH N





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