Aelbert Cuyp - River View - Rijksmuseum public domain dedication image


Aelbert Cuyp - River View - Rijksmuseum public domain dedication image



Riviergezicht. Verschillende grotere en kleine boten op het water, links een veerboot vol met personen.

Set of images depicting various harbors, ports, and piers together with ships, fishing and sailing boats, and all types of haven-like places and views. All large image sets on are made in two steps: First, we picked a set to train AI vision to recognize the feature, and after that, we ran all 25M+ images in our database through an image recognition machine. As usual, all media in the collection belong to the public domain. There is no limitation on the dataset usage - educational, scientific, or commercial.

Aelbert Cuyp was a Dutch painter who lived during the Golden Age of Dutch painting. He was born in Dordrecht in 1620 and died there in 1691. Cuyp was known for his landscapes, seascapes and genre scenes, often depicting cows and other farm animals. Cuyp's paintings were highly prized during his lifetime and continue to be admired today. His work is characterised by a luminous quality achieved through the use of warm colours and subtle gradations of light and shadow. Cuyp's landscapes are often characterised by wide open spaces, vast skies and distant horizons. Cuyp was greatly influenced by the work of the Dutch painter Jan van Goyen and the Italian landscape painter Claude Lorrain. He was also inspired by the Dutch countryside, which he explored on foot and on horseback. Cuyp's paintings are notable for their peaceful and idyllic tone, reflecting the artist's love of nature and his desire to capture its beauty on canvas. His work has been praised for its simplicity and directness, as well as its ability to evoke a sense of tranquillity and serenity. Today, Cuyp's paintings can be found in museums and private collections around the world. His legacy continues to inspire artists and art lovers alike, and his work remains an important part of the Golden Age of Dutch painting.



1815 - 1849



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