Naked woman with Pott's Disease (1904)


Naked woman with Pott's Disease (1904)



Lumbar Pott's disease
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Title: Sajous's analytical cyclopædia of practical medicine
Year: 1904 (1900s)
Authors: Sajous, Charles Euchariste de Médicis, 1852-1929
Subjects: Medicine Medicine -- Practice
Publisher: Philadelphia : F.A. Davis Co.
Contributing Library: Gerstein - University of Toronto
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atment in addition toprotection for its spine. A nega-tive Wassermann reaction does notnecessarily exclude syphilis. If evidences of rickets show them-selves in large epiphyses, beaded ribs,open fontanelles, abnormal sweatingabout the head, the spinal curvatureis probably rachitic. Benefit will fol-low changing the diet and adminis-tering phosphorus and codliver oil.The necessity for supporting thespine is, however, as great as iftuberculosis were present; but thechances are that it will be requiredfor only a short time. Many tuberculous cases do notprove fatal, and, if adequate mechani-cal support is applied before the oc-currence of a deformity, the latter should be largely prevented. Abso-lute rest of the inflamed area and thebuilding-up of the patients nutritionare the two essentials of treatment.A certain percentage under the bestof care does not improve, but developsabscesses and amyloid changes in theviscera, or develops pulmonary ormeningeal tuberculosis, especially thelatter.
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Lumbar Potts disease, with begiuuing psoasabscess, simulating lateral curvature of thespine in the position patient holds her body.(R. H. Sayre.) Early diagnosis is important, as thedisease precedes the deformity forsome time, and. as elsewhere, is moreeasily prevented than cured. Pain,muscular spasm, and slight elevationof temperature are the three diag-nostic points to be noted. The painis referred to the distal extremity ofthe nerves which pass from the spineat the point of inflammation, and thesymptoms, as a result, vary. In the 268 SPINE, DISEASES AND INJURIES OF (SAYRE). first and second cervical vertebrae oc-cipital headache may be noted, andthe condition may resemble torticollis.In torticollis, however, the face looksupward and away from the con-tracted muscles, while in cervicaltuberculosis the face, though turnedto one side, is more often directeddownward. In torticollis pain is notpresent, and the muscular spasm,pathognomonic of joint inflammation,does not exist: simply a c





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