LDEF (Flight), S0001 : Space Debris Impact Experiment, Tray B08


LDEF (Flight), S0001 : Space Debris Impact Experiment, Tray B08



The flight photograph was taken from the Orbiter aft flight deck during the LDEF retrieval prior to berthing the LDEF in the Orbiter cargo bay and shows the locations of three LDEF experiments integrated into a three (3) inch deep LDEF peripheral tray. The experiment tray flanges appear to have a light tan discoloration as do the originally white paint dots on the top center and right center tray clamp blocks. Irregular shaped darker discolorations are visible on the inside of the left tray flange. The Space Debris Impact Experiment in this location consists of two (2) three sixteenth (3/16) inch thick chromic anodized aluminum panels mounted in the left two thirds (2/3rd) of the integrated tray. The exterior surface has a thin chromic anodize coating and the interior surface is coated with a black thermal control paint, Chemglaze Z-306. The panels are attached to the tray structure with non-magnetic stainless steel fasteners. The pink and/or greenish gray tint is a product of the anodize process and not associated with exposure to the space environment. Multiple impact craters (small white specks) are visible on both Debris panel surfaces.
NASA Identifier: L90-10380 S32-76-026





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