Koch, Max (1859–1930) & Otto Rieth (1858–1911) - 1894 ca. - Der act, p. 64


Koch, Max (1859–1930) & Otto Rieth (1858–1911) - 1894 ca. - Der act, p. 64



Max Friedrich Koch (1859-1930) & Otto Rieth (1858–1911) - From: Der act, 1894, p. 64.

Max Friedrich Koch was a German artist, born in Berlin in 1859. He was best known for his history paintings and photography. Koch studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin under the tutelage of renowned artists such as Anton von Werner and Paul Meyerheim. He later became a professor at the academy, where he taught painting and drawing. Koch's paintings were often large and depicted historical events or figures. One of his most famous works is The Coronation of Kaiser Wilhelm II, which depicts the coronation of the German Emperor in 1888. In addition to painting, Koch was also an accomplished photographer. He was one of the first artists to use photography as a tool to create reference images for his paintings. His photographs often captured everyday life in Berlin and other German cities. Koch was a member of several art societies, including the Berlin Secession and the Association of Berlin Artists. He died in Berlin in 1930 at the age of 71.





Der act, 1894, p. 64

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