Journal of morphology (1909) (14770486891)


Journal of morphology (1909) (14770486891)



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Title: Journal of morphology
Year: 1909 (1900s)
Authors: Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology
Subjects: Morphology Physiology
Publisher: Boston : Ginn & Co.
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The Jol-kxal of Mohphology,—Vol. XX, No. 1 Plate VI. Fig. 42. A portion of the anterior half of a median longitudinal sectionfrom the blastoderm represented in Fig. XV. At e is the anterior limitof the entoderm. Xl20. Fig. 43. A portion of the posterior half of the preceding section, x 120. Fig. 44. The enlarged central portion of a section from the same blasto-derm as Figs. 42 and 43. Note especially the epithelial character of theectoderm, the grouping of the entoderm cells, and the granular contents ofthe cavity. X 184. Fig. 45. From a median longitudinal section of an unincubated egg. Itshows the anterior limit of the entoderm in its forward growth. The remainsof the subgerminal cavity (sg) is entirely free from yolk mass, x 245. Fig. 4G. The central part of a longitudinal section from a blastodermtaken three hours after incubation. It shows the fragmentation of the yolklying beneath the floor of the cavity. These yolk masses (m) are non-nucleated. X 246. Fig. 47. The anterior p





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