How the world travels (1922) (14796077933)


How the world travels (1922) (14796077933)



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Title: How the world travels
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: Methley, Alice A. (from old catalog)
Subjects: Travel
Publisher: New York, Frederick A. Stokes company
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bs of woodwere cut from the trunks of trees to serve aswheels, and, instead of pulling these primitivecarts themselves, the men trained oxen to do thework. As time went on improvements were made,and we find pictures of chariots on the walls ofthe ancient, ruined cities of Egypt and Assyria. The Bible tells us of the chariots and horsemenof Pharaoh, who were overwhelmed in the RedSea, but more than two hundred years beforethat time King Thutmosis of Egypt had a won-derful war chariot, which, in 1903, was discoveredin his tomb at Thebes. It is now in the museumat Cairo, and on it are painted pictures ofThutmosis driving in the chariot, charging hisenemies and shooting arrows at them. Other nations also used chariots in warfare,and we read that they carried two men, one beingthe driver and the other the warrior. In a closeencounter the soldier alighted and fought on foot.Some of these chariots were armed with greathooks or scythes fastened to the wheels. Julius TRAVEL IN THE OLDEN DAYS 3
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PREHISTORIC SLED. Caesar tells us that when he invaded Britain thechief, Cassivelaunus, had more than four thousand 4 HOW THE WORLD TRAVELS chariots, and he describes how skilfully theywere handled by their drivers. * In the most steep and dijBBcult places, hesays, they could stop their horses at full stretch,turn them which way they pleased, run along the





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