Future Tesla wireless power transmitter


Future Tesla wireless power transmitter



A 1925 artist's conception of what Nikola Tesla's wireless power transmission system might look like in the future. Tesla spent the latter part of his life working on the transmission of electric power through the atmosphere using radio waves. He built a large dome shaped transmitter called the Wardenclyffe tower in Shoreham, New York, which was never used. Although Tesla never got beyond a few low power demonstrations, he was an inveterate promoter and his talks on wireless power caught the imagination of the public. Hugo Gernsback, the science fiction magazine publisher, was fascinated by the idea and published a number of articles in his electronics magazines about wireless power. This futuristic painting illustrated one of the articles. The power plant with the glowing wireless transmitter tower in the foreground, based on the Wardenclyffe tower, is broadcasting power to run the futuristic aircraft and light the city in the background.
Caption: "An artist's conception of Nikola Tesla's system for transmitting power by radio waves, which was proposed several years ago.





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