Fire and sword in the Sudan - a personal narrative of fighting and serving the Dervishes, 1879-1895 (1896) (14593706749)


Fire and sword in the Sudan - a personal narrative of fighting and serving the Dervishes, 1879-1895 (1896) (14593706749)



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Title: Fire and sword in the Sudan : a personal narrative of fighting and serving the Dervishes, 1879-1895
Year: 1896 (1890s)
Authors: Slatin, Rudolf Carl
Publisher: London : Arnold
Contributing Library: Robarts - University of Toronto
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ning sun. In front ofall, advanced the Vizir Ahmed Shata, as if seeking death.Zubeir withdrew all his men within the intrenchments, andwhen the Darfur host had approached sufficiently near, heopened a deadly fire on them. The Vizirs horse wasinstantly shot; but, mounting another, he continued toadvance until he fell, riddled with bullets; and with himmany of his relations and members of his household,including Melek Sad en Nur and Melek en Nahas (thechief of the copper drums), whom the Sultan had placedas his second in command. Deprived of their leaders, the troops retired, and Zubeirseized the opportunity to make a counter attack on theirflank, which broke up the army, and caused it to dispersein all directions. Instantly, from behind the trees, dashedclouds of Rizighat horsemen, who slaughtered the flyingDarfurians, capturing immense quantities of valuable loot,and now they entirely threw in their lot with the conquer-ors, with the certainty that they would reap considerablebenefit.
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A Rizighat Warrior. EARLY HISTORY OF THE PROVINCE. 53 The few who succeeded in escaping the massacre fled toDara, while Zubeir sent messages to El Obeid and Khar-tum, announcing the victory, and asking for the reinforce-ments of troops and guns which, in the event of his success,the authorities had agreed to place at his disposal. In duetime these arrived, and he continued his advance towardsDara, his flank being covered by the advance of theGovernor-General from El Obeid to Om Shanga, at thehead of three thousand regulars and a number of irregularhorsemen. With the exception of one small skirmish, Zubeir en-tered Dara unopposed, to find it completely deserted.Erecting a small fort on the sand-hill, he awaited theattack of Sultan Ibrahims sons; but the latter, at the headof a considerable force, merely reconnoitred the position,and, returning to their father at El Fasher, urged him tolead his troops against Zubeir. Ibrahim now collectedevery available man; but large as were his hosts,

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