Farmer and stockbreeder (1920) (14774954951)


Farmer and stockbreeder (1920) (14774954951)



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Title: Farmer and stockbreeder
Year: 1889 (1880s)
Publisher: London
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Thusk, objecting toanybody not a farm labourer assisting the farmerwith his harvest by working overtime or on Saturdayafternoon. Mr. Stubbins (a carrot and potaf;ogrower) said it was impossible to get men to do thisclass of work. The loss in production of good foodwould be considerable. YORKSHIRE WAGES Sir A. Griffith-Boseawen, replying to Mr.E. Wood on Wednesday week, said he under-stood the chief reason which had led the Agricul-tural Wages Board to fix a minimum rate of lOd.per hour for female workers of over eighten years ofa<e in Yorkshire was the fact that the District WagesCommittee for Yorkshire had repeatedly recom-mended them to do so. At the meeting of the com-mHtee when this proposal was first brought forwardthe recommendation was recorded as unanimous. Attwo Subsequent meetings it had been reaffirmed bya majority. Higher rates for female workers inYorkshire than in the large majority of othercounties had been in force .-;ince the first Order waspassed in October, 1918.
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Il,oiohy\ Hunter Marc BEAUTY DARLINO \Siujrt .md a, , Property ni Mr. V HENYON. PI.Al N \ I IJAi. llAMiV, YDHH.—Ut and chaminim ltii(il Slmir. Diirliiiiilon. 1758 TRE FA EMEU ANB STOCKBUEEVEM Replies to Miscellaneousoueries PEAS (East, YoRKs).-If you are sowing blue- SP-i.t>tx^^^. ^ VI JrLY ly, 1920. PEAS (East \orks).—If you are soiviiig blue-blossomed varieties of field peas, such as dun, mapleor partridge, February is a very good month. Ifwith round, white-biossomecl varieties, late Februaryif tlie land is in good condition. March is timeenough for the stronger of these, and late Marchtor the marrowfats; in fact, the seed firms sendinout special selections to be grown for their own pur°poses rarely send these out before April, as thev sayt^ey are liable to lose enough from fro«t eveiitheri. Peas should be drilled, and not under teninches from row to row, to allow plentiful lioeincrand horse-hoeing, and this should be kept up untilthe tendrils kiss. Tlie quantity of seed de





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farmer and stockbreeder 1920
farmer and stockbreeder 1920