'Britannia' Entering Portsmouth RMG BHC3245


'Britannia' Entering Portsmouth RMG BHC3245



'Britannia' Entering Portsmouth
The 'Britannia', 120 guns, is shown here entering Portsmouth on 4 February 1835, under the command of Captain Peter Rainier, after spending five-and-a-half years in the Mediterranean. The buildings of Portsmouth Point can be seen on the right. Various traditional boats are visible, including a ketch-rigged craft in the foreground which is towing a mast and another spar. The sun is setting in this picture which has been signed by the artist and is dated 1835.
Chambers, the son of a poor mariner in Whitby, Yorkshire, followed his father to sea at the age of ten. After several years, he became apprenticed to a house and ship painter where his skill at lettering and marking whale-boats attracted attention. He was greatly admired for the details of his marine paintings, particularly those showing details of the crew performing naval tasks. Following his arrival in London, Chambers initially copied history paintings and then received many new commissions, including several from William IV.

'Britannia' Entering Portsmouth

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