Beggars on horseback; a riding tour in North Wales (1895) (14782276902)


Beggars on horseback; a riding tour in North Wales (1895) (14782276902)



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Title: Beggars on horseback; a riding tour in North Wales
Year: 1895 (1890s)
Authors: Ross, Martin, 1862-1915 Somerville, E. . (Edith none), 1858-1949
Subjects: Wales, North -- Description and travel
Publisher: Edinburgh, London : W. Blackwood and sons
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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urates, reluctantly approached thehoary limestone block, with a horrified eye fixedon Miss OFlannigan as she awaited him in hersafety skirt. Persuasion failed to bring him withinthree yards of a garment which, as he doubtlessexpressed it, would have made Mrs Sherwood turnin her grave; and Miss OFlannigan was finallypitched on to his back from an indefinite spotnear the stable door, whither, with one foot in thestirrup, she had hopped in pursuit of her steed. Itwas damping to find that the name of the chemistspony was Tommy, but we felt sure that in the firstfew minutes of our first journey we should thinkof somethins^ clever with which to re - christenboth. We subsequently spent several hours ofseveral journeys in this endeavour, but their bap-tismal names have not as yet been improved on. He iss a little unused to the town, marm, said 14 BEGGARS ON HORSEBACK. the chemists stable-boy, as Tommy submittedwith unexpected calm to the infliction of myweight; but he iss goot—yes, indeed !
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(( He iss a little unused to the tozan, viarin. The next moment I was pursuing Miss OFlan-nigan up the street like the conventional patternof a flash of lightning. Happily, the houses, carts,barrels, and other objects possessed of terrors for BEGGARS ON HORSEBACK. 15 Tommy alternated on either side with tolerableregularity, so that one shy acted as a correctiveto the last; but these advantages were deniedto Miss OFlannigan. Her Tom fled along beforeme, cantering with the fore and trotting widelywith the hind legs, and making startling attemptsto turn in at unexpected side entrances—attemptsthat were only frustrated by serious eftort on thepart of his rider. It was somewhere during this rush throughWelshpool and its environs, while the saddles rolledand our faces blazed, that we were conscious ofpassing a building like a IMethodist chapel, fromwhich came mens and womens voices, singing inharmony. It was only a moments hearing, butit lived, ringing and resonant, in our ears, and isnot





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beggars on horseback a riding tour in north wales 1895
beggars on horseback a riding tour in north wales 1895