A world in perplexity (1918) (14760459476)


A world in perplexity (1918) (14760459476)



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Title: A world in perplexity
Year: 1918 (1910s)
Authors: Daniells, Arthur Grosvenor, 1858- (from old catalog)
Subjects: Bible World War, 1914-1918
Publisher: Washington, D.C., New York city (etc.) Review and herald publishing assn
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and force. They may delay the duration of thewar far longer than would the purely European ques-tions. For only exhaustion will induce Germany toabandon the contest for which she has so long been 1 J^ w ,^ ^<«- -■■ ^^--^.-^^ * ^p;T^^ ^StsS^S^^^^Bs^^^MSB iiillWffWillHpl^fflllli 1^ i^^ s ^^^ ^j^^^^,,^^^^^^ ^::i ^l^- ^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ ~ - ^ V °^.v-=^ ■^3 © International Film Service, Inc., N. Y. British Artillery Crossing the Desert South of Jerusalem preparing, while Great Britain and Russia can onlypermit German supremacy in Turkey and Asia Minoras an admission of the beginning of the end of empireor the final defeat of the ambitions of centuries.—Id., pp. 336, 337. A Summary of Causes In the following brief statements are set forth thegreatest causes of the war, and the greatest obstaclesto peace, as Mr. Howe sees them: 1. The vital interests of these warring nations areat stake. These interests are identified with the lifeand ambitions of these nations. * They go to the very
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O Underwood & Underwood, N. Y. THE FALL OF JERUSALEM General Allenby at the Head of the British Forces Entering Jerusalemby the Jaffa Gate Ob.stacles to Peace 51 heart of their position and power. They seem tothem essential to their existence. 2. These interests are in violent conflict. They crossat vital points. The interests of the nations on one sideof the struggle threaten the life-cord/ the under-pinning, the purposes and ambitions, of the nations onthe other side. The triumph of one group of interestsmeans the destruction of the other group of interests. 3. These interests seem irreconcilable. They are soidentified with the life of these countries that any con-cession by either power involves the abandonment ofimperial pretensions as well as industrial and commer-cial advantages. Claims arising over these conflicts arenot justiciable. 4. These interests have taken root and grown upthrough years of emigration, territorial expansion, andindustrial and commercial development. T







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a world in perplexity 1918
a world in perplexity 1918