The Röntgen rays in medical work (1907) (14734504696)


The Röntgen rays in medical work (1907) (14734504696)



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Title: The Röntgen rays in medical work
Year: 1907 (1900s)
Authors: Walsh, David
Subjects: X-rays Radiography X-Rays Radiography
Publisher: New York : William Wood
Contributing Library: Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine
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Fig. 126.—Feet of same Patient, showing Suppression of Toes andpossible Reversion to Two-toed Type. Tremor of one foot during exposure 254 THE RONTGEN RAYS IN MEDICAL WORK Dr. G. T. Beatson has described a congenital deformity of boththumbs in a girl four years of age.* The radiographic picture
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Fig. 127.—Mr. Reevess Case of Deformed Left Upper Limb, showingBony Outgrowth from Humerus and Deficiency of Elbow-joint andBones of Forearm. Right hand shown in Fig. 123. Dr. Walsh. reproduced in Fig. 128 shows an extra wedge-shaped bone betweenthe first and terminal phalanges of the thumb. Both the end * Scottish Med. and Surg. Journal, September, 1901, p. 198. MEDICAL AND SURGICAL APPLICATIONS 255 phalanges were bifid. There was a family history of extra digitsand toes, and broad thumb and great-toes, and also of webbing.The fathers thumbs were not bifid at the end phalanges, but theterminal phalanx of one great-toe was partly bifid, with two





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the rontgen rays in medical work 1907
Die Röntgenstrahlen in der medizinischen Arbeit 1907