Tesla Earth Current Waves



Français : Description de la propagation des ondes de courant dans la Terre, d'après Tesla



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Famous Scientific Illusions, Electrical Experimenter



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Planetkonstruktion på Tekniska Museet.


Diesel-elektrisk vagn för SNJ.

Personal vid ställverk., Svenska Järnvägarna

Powerhouse tours planned at Old Hickory Dam

After a 24-hour postponement, the Boeing Delta II rocket carrying the Stardust spacecraft waits on Launch Pad 17-A, Cape Canaveral Air Station, for its scheduled launch at 4:04 p.m. EST. Umbilical lines (at top) still attached to the fixed utility tower (at right) feed electricity, air conditioning and coolants for the Stardust spacecraft inside the fairing (enclosing the upper stage) before launch. Stardust is destined for a close encounter with the comet Wild 2 in January 2004. Using a silicon-based substance called aerogel, Stardust will capture comet particles flying off the nucleus of the comet. The spacecraft also will bring back samples of interstellar dust. These materials consist of ancient pre-solar interstellar grains and other remnants left over from the formation of the solar system. Scientists expect their analysis to provide important insights into the evolution of the sun and planets and possibly into the origin of life itself. The collected samples will return to Earth in a sample return capsule to be jettisoned as Stardust swings by Earth in January 2006 KSC-99pc0156

The air raid protective services. No city functions properly if its supply of gas, water, and electricity is blocked or its telephone wires are out of order. Utilities repair crews are on hand to "shoot trouble" in any of these services, should bomb damage cause any breaks

Geek Picnic (Moscow; 2014-01-26) DonSimon 07

Byggherre: Byggnadsaktiebolaget Contractor, Stockholm. Kraftverk. Maskinsalen. - Elektrisk kraftproduktion

CTC-ställverk, dokumentationsresa på sträckan Ljusdal-Ånge

A technician checks gauges at the Central Heat and Power Plant. Steam produced by the plant is used to generate electricity and provide steam heat for every building on base

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLA. -- On Launch Pad 39B, the payload transport canister, with the P6 integrated truss segment inside, is lifted higher toward the payload changeout room (PCR) above it. The PCR is the enclosed, environmentally controlled portion of the Rotating Service Structure (RSS) (at left) that supports payload delivery at the pad. At right is Space Shuttle Endeavour with its orange external tank and one solid rocket booster showing behind it. When the RSS is closed around Endeavour, the P6 truss will be moved into the orbiter’s payload bay. The P6, payload on mission STS-97, comprises Solar Array Wing-3 and the Integrated Electronic Assembly, to be installed on the International Space Station. The Station’s electrical power system will use eight photovoltaic solar arrays, each 112 feet long by 39 feet wide, to convert sunlight to electricity. The solar arrays are mounted on a “blanket” that can be folded like an accordion for delivery. Once in orbit, astronauts will deploy the blankets to their full size. Gimbals will be used to rotate the arrays so that they will face the Sun to provide maximum power to the Space Station. Launch of STS-97 is scheduled for Nov. 30 at 10:06 p.m. EST KSC00pp1735


nikola tesla electricity wireless transmission world wireless system