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Nikola Tesla holding bulb



Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla demonstrating wireless power transmission, probably in his New York laboratory in the late 1890s. The bulb is a prototype "fluorescent" light he invented consisting of a partially evacuated glass bulb with a single metal electrode. Nearby, probably behind the curtain, there is one of his Tesla coil high voltage oscillators which produces a radio frequency electric field. The electric field ionizes the gas in the bulb, causing it to glow similar to a neon light. This photo is a 2 second time exposure taken by the light of the bulb. Tesla invented a residential wireless lighting system in the 1889s.with lamps that do not have to be plugged in.



nikola tesla electricity inventions inventions by nikola tesla photographs of nikola tesla




Published in "Some experiments in Tesla's laboratory with currents of high potential and high frequency" in Electrical Review, McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., New York, Vol. 34, No. 18, March 29, 1899, p. 193, fig. 1


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Wonders of the wireless age

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLA. - Technicians attach a crane to the Pump Flow Control Subsystem (PFCS) in the Space Station Processing Facility. The PFCS pumps and controls the liquid ammonia used to cool the various Orbital Replacement Units on the Integrated Equipment Assembly that make up the S6 Photo-Voltaic Power Module on the International Space Station (ISS). The fourth starboard truss segment, the S6 Truss measures 112 feet long by 39 feet wide. Its solar arrays are mounted on a “blanket” that can be folded like an accordion for delivery to the ISS. Once in orbit, astronauts will deploy the blankets to their full size. When completed, the Station's electrical power system (EPS) will use eight photovoltaic solar arrays to convert sunlight to electricity. Delivery of the S6 Truss, the last power module truss segment, is targeted for mission STS-119. KSC-04pd1477

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Geek Picnic (Moscow; 2014-01-26) DonSimon 07


Ranger demonstrating Physiognotrace.


Svenske Aksel Bodin, elektriker som reiste rundt og la opp strøm. Her med ledning og baufil. Han var en av mange svensker som tidlig på 1900-tallet reiste rundt i Norge og deltok i utbyggingen av kraft og el-nettet. Her på Røhr.

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Porträtt av Otto Kjellgren. Under ett flertal år bruksförvaltare av Reijmyre glasbruk. När bolaget anlade Gryts glasbruk i Närke, togs hans duglighet och energi i anspråk dit. Gift 1890 med Olga Josefina Rydström. Paret flyttade åter till Rejmyre 1903.


nikola tesla electricity inventions inventions by nikola tesla photographs of nikola tesla