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Fort McCoy Garrison Commander Col. Hui Chae Kim provides

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[Assignment: 48-DPA-05-31-07_SOI_K_Press_Con_Rollout] Press conference [and related activities, led by] Secretary Dirk Kempthorne [and National Park Service Director Mary Bomar at Main Interior, providing the official] roll-out for the Centennial Initiative, [including the public-private fund matching Centennial Challenge, designed to prepare National Parks for another century of conservation and preservation in time for the National Park Service's 100th anniversary in 2016] [48-DPA-05-31-07_SOI_K_Press_Con_Rollout_DSC_0316.JPG]

Presentation on New Media, led by Joe Sanders and April Brown, at Field Policy and Management (FPM) Conference, [L'Enfant Plaza Hotel, Washington, D.C.]

Town Hall Meeting [at HUD headquarters, with Secretary Shaun Donovan and Deputy Secretary Maurice Jones presiding]

[Assignment: 48-DPA-N_DOI_Singletary] Book forum [at Main Interior, featuring presentation by] Michelle Singletary, [Washington Post financial columnist, and author of Your Money and Your Man: How You and Prince Charming Can Spend Well and Live Rich] [48-DPA-N_DOI_Singletary_IMG_5665.JPG]

[Assignment: 48-DPA-SOI_K_SES_Con_Final25] Activities at Interior Senior Executive Service (SES) Conference [48-DPA-SOI_K_SES_Con_Final25_IOD_9456.JPG]

[Assignment: TA_2003_8688_12] Technology Administration - FINANCING INNOVATION FORUM US/INDIA [40_CFD_TA_2003_8688_12_381.JPG]

Second Annual Section 3 Summit, [at Renaissance Washington, D.C. Hotel, on programs for public housing residents under HUD Act, Section 3]

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[Assignment: OS_2002_1201_242] Office of the Secretary - PRESIDENT'S ECONOMIC FORUM WACO, TEXAS [40_CFD_OS_2002_1201_242_Houston_130300-R1-18.jpg]



[Assignment: OS_2002_1201_242] Office of the Secretary - PRESIDENT'S ECONOMIC FORUM WACO, TEXAS



president forum waco forum waco texas houston office of the secretary




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[Assignment: OS_2003_1201_133] Office of the Secretary - SUMMIT ON TRAVEL AND TOURISM [40_CFD_OS_2003_1201_133_963.JPG]

The 63rd Regional Support Command Yellow Ribbon Program

[Assignment: OS_2003_1201_19] Office of the Secretary - SECRETARY LECTURE SERIES WITH ECONOMIST DE SOTO [40_CFD_OS_2003_1201_19_085.jpg]

Welcome Back Town Hall Meeting, [on impact of October 1-16, 2013 federal government shutdown, with Secretary Shaun Donovan and Deputy Secretary Maurice Jones presiding, and featuring broadcast by President Barack Obama]

[Assignment: 59-CF-SA-4068-03] Secretary's Open Forum session, featuring former U.S. Ambassador to Austria, and Director of the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard University, Swanee Hunt, [along with: the Director of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, Vjosa Dobruna; the Director of the Preventive Diplomacy Program at Washington, D.C.'s Center for Strategic and International Studies, Joseph Montville; and Open Forum Chairman William Keppler] [Photographer: Mark Stewart--State] [59-CF-SA-4068-03_AMB_Bonnie_Hunt_SOF_32.jpg]

[Assignment: 48-DPA-10-20-08_SOI_K_Tuba] Visit of Secretary Dirk Kempthorne to the Tuba City Boarding School [on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona--largest school in the Bureau of Indian Education system. Joining Secretary Kempthorne for the tour of new buildings and classrooms, and for discussions with students, teachers, and parents, were education officials including Bureau of Indian Education Director Kevin Skenandore, Indian Affairs Office of Facilities, Environmental and Cultural Resources Director Jack Rever, Tuba City Boarding School Principal Don Coffland, and Tuba City School Governing Board President Frieda Maloney.] [48-DPA-10-20-08_SOI_K_Tuba_IOD_6583.JPG]

[Severe Storms and Tornadoes] Earlington, Ky, December 11, 2005 - FEMA Community Relations specialist Cheryl Catchings (standing, left) responds to a question asked by a parishoner at Pleasant Grove Baptist Churh during her visit there to inform attendees about federal disaster programs available to individuals affected by the November 15th F4 tornado thath struck the area. President Busg issued a federal disaster declaration for Hopkins and Marshall counties on December first. Win Henderson/FEMA photo

[Assignment: 48-DPA-08-04-08_SOI_K_ESRI_Act] Activities at the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) [Senior Executive Seminar--part of the ESRI International User Conference--] in San Diego, California, where Secretary Dirk Kempthorne [joined Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, ESRI President Jack Dangermond, Roger Tomlinson of Canada's Tomlinson Associates, and other federal, state, and private organization officials] [48-DPA-08-04-08_SOI_K_ESRI__Act_IOD_1811.JPG]

[Assignment: OS_2006_1201_138] Office of the Secretary (Carlos Gutierrez) - World Travel and Tourism Council Travel and Tourism Summit [40_CFD_OS_2006_1201_138__DSC0003.JPG]

[Assignment: 48-DPA-08-16-08_SOI_K_Lake_T_Sign] Lake Tahoe Restoration Summit at Nevada's [Sand Harbor State Park, where] Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne [joined Nevada Senators Harry Reid and John Ensign, Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons, California Senator Dianne Feinstein, California Secretary for Resources Mike Chrisman, Agriculture Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment Mark Rey, Washoe Tribe of California and Nevada Chairman Waldo Walker, and other federal, state, local, tribal leaders in the environmental forum focusing on reducing wildfire risks in the area as well as the impact of global warming on Lake Tahoe [48-DPA-08-16-08_SOI_K_Lake_T_Sign_DOI_6942.JPG]

[Assignment: OS_2002_1201_181] Office of the Secretary - SECRETARY DONALD EVANS KEYNOTE ADDRESS [40_CFD_OS_2002_1201_181_963.JPG]

170307-N-VN372-002 FRIENDSWOOD, Texas – (March 07,


president forum waco forum waco texas houston office of the secretary