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Röntgen ray diagnosis and therapy (1904) (14571688658)



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Title: Röntgen ray diagnosis and therapy

Year: 1904 (1900s)

Authors: Beck, Carl, 1856-1911

Subjects: Radiotherapy Diagnosis, Radioscopic

Publisher: New York, London, D. Appleton and Company

Contributing Library: Columbia University Libraries

Digitizing Sponsor: Open Knowledge Commons

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eentried in vain. A n undoubtedadvantage of the ra-dium over the Ront-gen rays is that itcan be placed intom u c o u s cavities,like the nose, oeso-phagus, stomach,uterus, urethra, etc.The small size ofthe tubes also per-mits of embeddingthem w i t h i n thetumourous tissuethrough an openingmade hj puncture.The r a d i u mtreatment may alsobe tried in all casesin which irradiationby the Rontgen raysproved to be unsuc-cessful. In regard to thediagnostic utiliza-tion of the radium rays it must, however, be said that while there isconsiderable permeation, the contrasts are poor. Another disad-vantage is that it takes hours to represent an image. Figs. 320 and 321, for instance, are skiagraphs made by the aidof radium. Fig. 320 (key) was taken with 30 milligrams of bro-mide of radium, the time of exposure lasting one hour. Fig. 321(hand) is the result of six hours exposure, 10 milligrams of bro-mide of radium only being used. The intense illuminating effect of the radium is illustrated by

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Fig. 331.—Skiagkaph of Hand—byRadium. Bromide of BECQUEREL KAYS A\I> RADIUM 435 the fact that a sufficienl amounl of it permits of microscopical ex-amination in a dark room. Radium musl be kepi free from moisture. Ii cannol be handledin a loose condition, and is therefore besl kepi in a sealed glasstube. While a higher degree of temperature increases the lumi-nosity of radium, moisture reduces ii considerably. There are other radio-active substances which were separatedfrom pitschblende, as for instance thorium, which stands nexl toradium as far as radio-activity is concerned, and actinium, a sub-stance which possesses the characteristics of its associate, thethorium. CHAPTER XXIFIXSEX METHOD AXD ULTRA-VIOLET RAYS The observations of Professor Xiels R. Finsen, of Copenhagen,on Concentrated chemical light rays in medicine, and especiallythe remarkable results he obtained in the treatment of lupus,startled the medical world. Since this preliminary report, pub-lished in December,

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Röntgendiagnostik und Therapie 1904 Buchillustrationen Medizin medizinische Therapie Bilder aus dem Internetarchiv




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Röntgendiagnostik und Therapie 1904 Buchillustrationen Medizin medizinische Therapie Bilder aus dem Internetarchiv