About GetArchive

Since the advent of the Internet, combined efforts of the finest archives, museums, and private individuals made tens of millions of public domain media files available online. GetArchive created PICRYL to make the world's public domain media available to anyone, anywhere, anytime, on any device. PICRYL already provides access to millions of public domain objects and growing.

No Ads - We cover 100% of costs through donations and subscriptions - entirely from members like you. PICRYL proves that it works: both as a business model and as a great service! This business model makes it possible to make search and research extremely efficient: we are not paid for third-party ads on the basis of page views or ad clicks.

How We Pay Our Bills - We find it sad when poorly built software or wrong business models harm public domain content accessibility. We believe that access to the public domain should be available for everyone, for free. We offer collectors, libraries, and archives to digitize, publish, manage, and monetize their digital collections the way we do: charging ONLY for high-resolution and ultra-high-resolution file versions required for professional production.

Unlimited Original-Resolution Downloads - Access millions of images! Visit us regularly to find new visuals, stories, see millions of already available objects updated to high- and ultra-high-resolution versions. Get Unlimited Original-Resolution Downloads for $7.00/month. Your patronage is greatly appreciated.

Why Now - During the Clinton administration, the controversial Sony Bono Copyright Term Extension Act was signed into law. Under the Act – which added 20 years to most copyright terms – no new works entered the public domain until 2019 in the United States! But now the public domain is literally exploding. We have to work very hard on web development, servers, databases, image recognition, media augmentation, localization, and much more - just to catch up with the enormous public domain growth that only accelerates.

What to Expect - We are developing tools that power online donations, education, media augmentation, and video production. Soon, you too will be able to use our tools to make your media shine. We also developing a completely new way to connect with like-minded people.

With your help, we will continue this mission. Thank You! Have questions? Please email to team@getarchive.net